Government procurement materials

Securing procurement material quality and establishing reliable public procurement

Improvement of core quality management business, support for improvement of company quality and technology

Quality control system

procurement process Quality Control Scheme
Steps to enter the procurement market
(Pre-registration of bid participation qualification)
Make Manufacturer Direct Production
Checking and checking the factories, production facilities, processes, and the workforce of the applicants and registered companies of the goods manufacturing registration (new and renewal) to prevent the insolvent manufacturers from entering the procurement market
Contract Phase Preliminary Review of Contract Specifications for Superior Procurement
Review whether the new technology, quality certification, etc. that were evaluated at the time of examination of excellent procurement goods are reflected in contract specifications

MAS standard specification management
Standardization of products that do not have standard specifications and standardization due to technology development
Manufacturing Phase Checking procurement materials
Inspection of production site and delivery site of MAS goods and procurement superior products

Operation of quality assurance goods
Evaluate quality management ability and give incentives such as exemption of delivery inspection to excellent companies
Delivery Inspection Phase PPS Inspection
Furniture, textiles, etc. by using PPS testing facility

Professional inspection
Committed inspection authority to national accredited testing institutes for major items related to national life and safety
Post-Maintenance Phase Operation of the procurement quality journal
Receipt of defective goods, quality proposal, etc.

Direct production confirmation check to maintain post-qualification of procurement market
Check and check the factories, production facilities, production process, production manpower, etc. of the suppliers who manufacture and register the goods to the Public Procurement Service