Automatic Lifting custom order

Custom Order Automatic Lifting

The table is automatically lowered according to the load of the product, so that it can be safely loaded and moved

Standard Multi-type
On demand Intermediate stationary type

Automatic lift truck : Custom Order

Product Features
· Available from 30kg to 230kg
· Keeps the same height at all times, regardless of the box load
· Musculoskeletal Discomfort relieving effect
· Improved productivity in assembling and processing field
· Easy to carry, easy to carry

Weight & Dimension
Product self weight (kg)
Net Weight
KYLC6090 30kg~90kg 760x490(±200) 38kg
KYLC60120 60kg~120kg 760x490(±200)
KYLC60230 90kg~230kg 760x490(±200)
Height(mm) : minimum 310 / maximum 750
* The above products and specifications are subject to change according to circumstances.

Q What is an automatic elevator car?
A 1. A mobile handkerchief that can move a product while easily loading and unloading goods with the tension of a spring without bending the back of an automatic elevator car. is.
 2. In other words, the more you load things so that you can load and unload goods stably, the lower the top plate goes down and the more you unload, the more stable the product can be transported.

Q The scope of use of the automatic lifting platform is
A 1. There are differences according to the specifications of the model. In case of KYLC6090, the weight of loading is 30 ~ 90Kg, KYLC60120 is 60 ~ 120Kg, KYLC90230 is 90 ~ 230Kg. Load weight.
2. If you load a load of 30kg or less in the KYLC6090 specification, the spring tension will not react at all. If you load more than 90kg, the spring tension will drop to the minimum height. When you unload a lot of loads at once, the top plate can rise sharply due to the spring tension.

Q What is the travel distance of the automatic lift truck?
A The maximum height is 750mm, the minimum height is 310mm, and the operation distance of the top plate is 440mm.