Automatic lifting carrier intermediate stop Type

Automatic lifting carrier : Intermediate Stop

Possible to work with maintaining the same height at all times, regardless of the amount of box load

Standard Type W-Custom type
Intermediate stop type

Automatic Lift Carrier Intermediate stop type

Product Features
· Maintains the height of the parts box by non-motorized force.
· Possible from 30kg ~ 230kg (Adjustable range 3 times)
· Keeps the same height at all times, regardless of the box load
· Musculoskeletal Discomfort relieving effect
· Improved productivity in assembling and processing field
· Easy to carry, easy to carry

Loading weight
Table size(±200mm) Table Height : H Product self weight(kg)
Net Weight
Width:W(mm) Width:W(mm) A-Type B-Type
KYLC6090 30kg~90kg 700 400 1000mm 900mm 42kg
KYLC60120 60kg~120kg 700 400
KYLC90230 90kg~230kg 700 400
Height(mm) : minimum 270 / maximum 900
*The above products and specifications are subject to change according to circumstances.

1. Added ability to move the loaded product at one time
2. Worker can set to desired height
3. Added a function to prevent sudden rise and fall during work on both sides

Q Is it possible to vary the size of the table tops?
AThe table top is 700 * 400mm and can be adjusted within 20mm.

Q How can I adjust the fixed height during use?
A1. Two things must be done to adjust the height.
2. First, adjust the stabilizer pin at the bottom of the product.
3. Remove the stabilizing pin and move it to the upper hole. The height of the table increases slightly. When you move it to the lower hole, the fixed height of the table will drop slightly.
4. After adjusting the approximate position, fine-tune the three initial height adjustment knobs (turn left and right) next to the top of the unit and fine-tune them to the appropriate height.

Q What is the working distance of the auto-lifting carrier?
AThe minimum height is 270mm and the maximum height is 900mm. The working distance is 630 mm.

Q What is the scope of use of the automatic lift carrier?
A There are three specifications for the automatic lift carrier KY6090 is available in the range of minimum 30Kg ~ maximum 90Kg, KY60120 minimum 60Kg ~ maximum 120Kg, KY90230 minimum 90Kg ~ maximum 230Kg.

Q What is an automatic lift carrier?
A1. Auto Lift Carrier keeps the height of the parts box constant by the non-moving force regardless of the amount of box load, and keeps the same height at all times.
 2. It is a carrier that always keeps the product at the waist height and the desired height of the worker by lowering the product by the raised height even if the worker's waist height and desired height are piled up by 1, 2, or 3 steps.